Scripture readings for March 18

“Though your sins be like scarlet they may become white as snow.”

I remember when I was in high school and we helped a farmer clear off part of his acreage by burning it. At the end of the day we were covered in soot and mud. I am not sure my own mother recognized me. I can still remember how good that hot shower felt as I could literally see the grime washed away and coming out of the shower feeling like a new person.

In a similar way Lent is a time for cleansing. In the midst of our busy daily lives we sin and it impacts our soul. We give in to impatience, prayerlessness, gossip, lust…and in some way this impacts our soul. Perhaps if we could look at our soul right now we would see it covered in a lot of soot.

confession march 18But today Isaiah gives us hope! Our souls may become white as wool. This can happen in one of two ways. First through the waters of baptism where we are born again. This is what the catechumens will experience at the Easter vigil. After baptism, if we sin, we have recourse to Confession. We bring the stains of our sins to the blood of Jesus and he makes our souls white as wool.

Have you taken advantage of this opportunity this Lent – to go to Confession and experience the joy of being made whole again? We have this great gift because Our Lord went to the Cross and sacrificed Himself for our sins. Let us avail ourselves of this precious gift purchased at so great a price. “Though they be crimson red they may be white as wool.”

Let us be cleansed on our Lenten journey and experience the freedom of being pure as snow and white as wool!