Scripture readings for April 3

Today in the reading of the Gospel we see that the most important thing in life is to have a personal relationship with Christ. Jesus talks about testifying to him because he came from God.

So since the basketball tournament has been on the last couple weeks I have gotten really into the games. Not that watching the games is bad nor is having a team to root for because enjoying sports can bring people together. But the question I always have for myself is do I get that excited about talking about Christ? Do I get that excited about living his mission every day in my life?

moses_golden_calfIn the first reading the Israelites make of themselves a golden calf to worship out in the desert because they think that God has abandoned them. They have no reason to think that but when things get a little stressful sometimes we can revert back to what we know best. In my life I find that I can do this as well and that thing I know best is not always prayer.

In scripture John the Baptist is out in the desert and has nothing really of his own but still testifies only to Christ Jesus. He never brags about himself, he always turns the attention to Jesus who is Lord of our whole universe but still loves us each individually.

So my challenge to you is to evaluate whether you turn to Jesus in tough times. Maybe you can ask yourselves do you turn to Jesus even when you are bored in life? What is your golden calf that is pulling you away from Jesus? When I’m getting bored and  turning away from Christ, I find it is good to make a pilgrimage to a church in the town I live in. Even if you only stay there one hour or just five minutes, it is so important to turn to Jesus first in life. Because if we look to him first in times of need we are able to serve others better in are life.

But always remember his love is infinite and he is always ready for us to refocus and call on him as savior. Remember he is not Jesus our Receiver, he is Jesus our Savior. He does not need us to be perfect to turn to him he wants us to turn back always, even when we are stuck in sin.