Scripture readings for March 21

So today in the first reading we see the beginning of the story of Joseph. After reading the story of Joseph being sold into slavery we can see that this could be taken as a really sad story just in itself. Joseph has a dream his brothers do not like and they want to have him killed. But if we get to the root of it they are envious that his dad loves Joseph more than all the other sons.

Now they want to kill him because his dad has taken such a liking to him. So, I have never grown to this type of anger towards a family member or a friend but I have become jealous of the good that another has received. It is easy for me to want to be the center of attention; to be the funniest, smartest, and most well-liked in a room. But what if in life, my goal was to make other people feel like the funniest, smartest, and most well- liked in the room?

march 21 picI also want to talk about not only being envious of another, but I want to mention how easy it is to see someone succeed and be happy for them but never compliment them on their success. This is where I struggle the most, giving others compliments when they do things well! So I might recognize the good they do but forget to mention it to them. The greatest tragedy in life for me is to know that Christ Jesus dwells in everyone and to not see him in people for weeks at a time! For crying out loud, I am a missionary, it is my job to be an instrument of God’s love.

John Paul II said in Toronto in 2002: “We are not the sum of are failures… we are the sum of Our Father’s love!”

My challenge to you and to myself for the next week is to take part in people’s joy. To stop and hear their story and congratulate them on their successes.

The funny thing is that at the end of the day if you do this you end up being the person who feels the most blessed. To serve is to receive!