Scripture readings for today

The Transfiguration. What an amazing and terrifying experience that had to have been for Peter, James and John; seeing the Son of God turned dazzling white, meeting Moses and Elijah. A meeting of heaven and earth. A spectacle, a miracle right before their eyes.

And then to be told to keep it quiet until after the Resurrection! At the time, it must have seemed like an impossible request. How could they keep that to themselves? How great must have their desire have been to share what they just witnessed!

But how often do we do this same thing? For many reading this, we heard this Gospel either at Mass or in preparation for Mass. And what did we participate in while we were there? The Son of God, humbling himself to be hidden in bread and wine. A true meeting of heaven and earth. A miracle that becomes too 3-1commonplace, too routine, too ignored for many of us.

By virtue of our baptism, we are all called to be missionaries, all called to be evangelists. If we stop and think of what we really are participating in at the Holy Mass, if we think about what is really taking place, if we think of the miracle we are privileged to have a front row seat to, what excuse do we have to not go and share it?

I think this is an important point to reflect on; Do we really believe what we say we believe? If so, how does this change our preparation for and attention to Mass? Who can we invite this Lent to join us for the miracle taking place? Let us not get caught up in the miracle we hear in the Gospel today and miss the miracle that happened before our very eyes!

Tom Bruner lives in Philadelphia, PA with his wife, Therese, and daughter Lucy. He works for FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students as Director of Collegiate Outreach in the East.