Scripture readings for April 11

God is always with us! This is something we need to remember because there is so much in the world that can cause us anxiety and distress. Within our families and throughout the world we see a tremendous amount of suffering, violence, hatred, jealousy, misunderstanding, etc. All these are the result of evil – sin. Because of our brokenness it is easy to lose sight of the important things in life when we have so much distracting us from the peace that God alone can give.

The reading from Jeremiah is a reminder that even if we were aware of someone plotting to betray or kill us, we need not worry because God is with us. He even goes so far as to praise God in this situation. God is a god of goodness and love. He will never abandon us. He alone remains constant when all else seems lost. He is our hope!

april 11 picSince we have met the person of Jesus Christ, we have a better understanding of why we can have so much confidence in God the Father. Christ showed us by His own life how to endure suffering (both physically and emotionally), the loss of a loved one, calumny, betrayal, and the fear of death. He endured all in loving obedience to the will of God. Because of this He conquered death and rose victoriously! In so doing, he allows us to share in His suffering and rise victoriously with Him.

There is no resurrection without death – death to self. Holy men and women throughout history have understood this, especially the martyrs. They experienced the peace that comes when one surrenders themselves completely to God. They trusted God so much that they were willing to endure hideous tortures and deaths. Their confidence in God brought them to victory – eternal friendship with God in Heaven.

God is calling us to have that same confidence. He wants us to trust in His unconditional love regardless of what goes on around us. We can be certain that He will never abandon us.