Scripture readings for March 31

We have crossed the halfway point of our Lenten journey. Back on March 5 we received our ashes and in less than three weeks we will be celebrating Easter Sunday. How goes your Lenten journey? Today might be a good day to do an assessment.

On Ash Wednesday we heard the Scripture, “…return to me with your whole heart” (Joel 2). Have you been opening your heart to the Lord this Lent? Is there more room for God then when you started? Lent, like our earthly journey, is more of a marathon then a sprint. Perhaps your Lent has gone poorly from your perspective: you have been grouchy with those you love, you have failed on some of your commitments, or your prayer is not where it should be. But be assured that God works through those failures too, sometimes even more then through our successes.

Young couple run together on a sunsetOne can have some poor miles in the marathon and still do well. Today is a good day to recommit to Lent. Sometimes when my computer stops responding I have to reboot it. Maybe some of us need to reboot our Lent and look at a new start. Today in the Gospel the son of the royal official is near death. Jesus heals him and restores his life. This reminds us that there is nothing so broken in our lives that Jesus cannot heal it. Do you have serious sin in your life? A broken relationship? Incredible stress? Return to Jesus with your whole heart and let him walk with you in these days ahead.

This week we catch the first glimpse of the finish line. It is less than three weeks away. Let us pick up the pace and run with and for Jesus!