Scripture readings for today

We are nothing. We are poor. We are hopeless. We are desperate. We are empty. We are incomplete.

I just returned from Holy Thursday Mass. A celebration that is so beautiful, so solemn, so intriguing. I was waiting for inspiration to write this piece. I needed a moment among others who were seeking the same thing that I was.

People who are nothing..poor..hopeless..desperate..empty..and incomplete.

That is, until our united transformation in and through the Eucharist.

After receiving Christ in the Eucharist, we become something. We become rich in spirit. We gain hope. We are content. We are full. We are complete.

Good Friday is the day we remember Jesus’s Passion, but we are also reminded of how desperately we need Him. On this day, we are unable to receive Him in the Eucharist. We get a taste of what life would be like without that awe-inspiring moment of becoming one with Him. We stare at the tabernacle and yearn for Him.

But we are denied, and rightly so. What in God’s name have we done to do deserve something so special, so beautiful, so supernatural? Nothing. We deserve none of what we receive; but the beauty is, He still gives Himself to us. passion

As you go through the day, stop and think. Don’t think about yourself, how tired you are, how hungry you are and no, don’t even think about those sweets you can eat soon. Think about what happened on this day.

Someone was hanging on a cross for YOU. Don’t make it a generalized situation. Immerse yourself into the reality of the fact that He hung on that cross for YOU. Yes, He was crucified to save you and others, but you cannot fully appreciate the significance of this selfless act until you treat it as something that happened to you personally, because it did. And because of this sequence of events, you have received pardon.

Crave Him. Love Him. And most importantly, don’t ignore this day that led to your ultimate spiritual resurrection.

Sarah Dixon is the Assistant Editor for the Diocese of Savannah’s Southern Cross newspaper in Savannah, GA. She enjoys laying in the park doing absolutely nothing and smiling at those passing by. She can be reached at