Scripture readings for today

Friday, March 20, 2015. Twenty-seven days in, if you’re not counting Sundays.

The Spring Equinox occurs this evening. The Spring Equinox has been celebrated as a time of beginning and renewal for a long,long, time. The axis of the earth will now tip more and more toward the sun, making the days longer in the Northern hemisphere.

March 20, 2015 there is a new moon, or a perigee moon. The moon is dark to us, and it will pass as close as it ever gets to the earth but veiled in darkness.

According to one scholarly account, Jesus travels to Jerusalem for a feast in each year of his ministry. In the third year of his ministry he visits Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles, the Feast of Hanukkah, and the Feast of Passover. He goes to the temple area and preaches and teaches. People have traveled there from all over the Mediterranean area. In their celebration of the saving power of the Father, he wants to be with them. But he is sent to tell them something new: a new way of living together in the loving embrace of the father. 3-20

In this March day of the new moon, what can I point out as a new way I am going? In the daily examen that I have been using, there is a step to identify a moment of gratitude.  In the course of this Lent, I believe I have moved from a kind of abstract thanks-giving to a greater awareness of God that is personally giving me specific gifts in my day; that his joy in giving them greatly exceeds my distracted awareness.

What is the “something new” for you this Lent? Let us pray for each other to take it with us beyond the Triduum.

Kathleen McKeown is a mother and grandmother who lives in Augusta, Georgia.