Scripture readings for today

You can never be too dead for a resurrection.

These are the profound words that I read while scrolling through twitter the other day. For some reason the sentiment stopped me in my tracks. 

You can never be too dead for a resurrection. 

All of us have parts of ourselves that are dead, or maybe just really exhausted. We have little pieces within us that we see as dried up and worn out and shriveled to bits.  

And even this, all of these broken down pieces — none of them are too dead for a resurrection. The Resurrection. resurrection-1

It’s a miracle, of course, what Jesus did for us. Right now, during Holy Week, we’re putting it into the framework of our Lent. Perhaps we’re thinking about our Lenten observances, how we “did” during these last 40 days. 

Did we suffer enough? Did we grow enough? Did we hold up our end of the bargain, was it a great Lent, was it only so-so?

The beauty of the Easter Triduum, of everything we’re about to observe and celebrate in these coming days, is that it’s about so much more than the last few weeks. It’s the message of hope and redemption that saves our very soul, and none of us — from the holiest to the lowliest — none of us is undeserving, and none of us is deserving.

Jesus came for all of it, for the last 40 days, for the last 40 years. He is here to save you and nothing you have done or will do or the heart of who you are — none of it is too much for Him.

As we enter into this Holy Week, let us take time in the silence of our heart to show it all to Jesus. To give him everything and hold back nothing. To acknowledge that Jesus already knows about it all, and he’s ready to redeem.  

You can never be too dead for a resurrection. Thank you, God, for that.

Rachel Balducci is a columnist for The Southern Cross newspaper of the Diocese of Savannah and a co-host of The Gist on CatholicTV. She and her husband, Paul, have five sons and one daughter and are members of Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta, Georgia.