Scripture readings for April 13

We might think we have reached the end of Lent this week – but we have really reached the height of Lent! For this past season we have been seeking to be purified so as to be drawn closer to Jesus. Now we enter into Holy Week.

Interesting, isn’t it, that of the 52 weeks of the year the Church designates this week as “holy.” What will be different about this week for you and your family? Most of us will still have to go to work or school. The world around us will march on. What can we do to slow down and make this a time of greater union with Jesus?

april 13 picThis Sunday we will hear the Passion according to St. Matthew (chapters 26 and 27). On Good Friday we always hear the Passion according to St. John (chapters 18 and 19). Perhaps this would be a good place to start: pull out your Bible and choose one of those Passion accounts and walk though it with Jesus throughout the week. Slowly read and re-read those accounts and put yourself in the scene. Perhaps you could be one of the Apostles, perhaps a Roman soldier, or perhaps Pilate. What does it look like? What do you notice? Also, try to attend the liturgical events of this week: Holy Thursday celebrating the gift of the Lord’s Supper, Good Friday’s Stations of the Cross and the Passion account. Walk this week with Jesus.

During the first Holy Week many people were there to greet Jesus and cry “hosanna!” as he entered Jerusalem. By the end of the week most of those people had abandoned him. May we take the time to stay by Jesus’ side this week. May we walk with Him who walked Calvary for us. Today as we hold our palm branches, let us resolve not to abandon Jesus. Let us be with him in his hour of need. Let these next seven days truly be for our families a Holy Week.