Scripture readings for April 4

Am I annoying or embarrassing my friends by professing my love for Jesus and what He has done for me? Are they going to think that I think that I am closer to Christ than they are? Will people think I’m overdoing it? Will they think that I am faking my love for Jesus if I seem too passionate about Him?

SO many questions race through our heads – often due to worrying what others think about us. Whether it’s about what we’re wearing, what we weigh, who we’re friends with, etc., we stress about other’s opinions. Even though we do this and our minds think this way, there is one topic that we should never be ashamed of and that is Jesus.

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If someone truly cares about us, they will be overwhelmed with joy that we have found the love of Christ and have grown in it and with it. Those people will build us up, not tear us down or question us. They will not make snide remarks about our beliefs; they will encourage us to deepen our faith.

This is something that I have had to work on throughout my life. I have always wondered if people were judging me for my Catholic faith. I have caught myself second-guessing my beliefs because of something that someone would say to me about my faith. But why? It is MY faith, not theirs. I encourage my friends and family to love God. But, I also share what my understanding is. I do this in order to try and show them what Jesus (especially in the Eucharist) truly means too.

Communion is my favorite part of being Catholic, and ironically, it’s also what I get made fun of for the most. That judgment is not out of cruelty, it is the lacking of a true understanding of what the Eucharist can do for you when you truly, truly believe that it is the Body and Blood of Christ. He is closest to us when we receive the Eucharist.

So, during the remainder of this Lenten season, and even past, I urge you to forego listening to any negativity when voicing or showing your love for Jesus. I urge you to hold on tightly to the robe of Christ. I urge you to truly feel His grace in the Eucharist. Focus on Him. Not only in prayer, but in what the Eucharist truly is, because it is our saving grace.

The least we can do is give him the love, attention and praise He deserves. The One you may occasionally be judged for loving is the same One who laid down His life for you. Have those who have such strong opinions done the same for you?