Scripture readings for March 8

After this he went out, and saw a tax collector, named Levi, sitting at the tax office; and He said to him,” Follow Me.”

I love the beginning of the gospel reading for today because it reminds me of the mercy of Christ. Jesus encounters Levi, a sinner who has no set beliefs. Levi has  made a living out of taking money from people and not thinking twice of it. He is unwanted and unloved by his own people because of the profession he has chosen in life. Christ tells him two words that change his life forever, FOLLOW ME! All he has ever been is an outcast and has not been wanted by anyone and now a well-known religious leader of his time looks at him with love! This causes Levi to see his value and want a radical change in his life!

follow me


How often do you choose to love those it is difficult to love? I know this is something I fail at daily. In your own life do you accept Christ’s love and let him forgive and have mercy on you? Remember that the Father is always ready with a loving embrace; we can do nothing to break that relationship.

In the story of the Levi, the man’s real name is Matthew. The Church teaches that this is the same Matthew who wrote the Gospel. Here is a man who went from totally rejecting God to being an instrument in writing one of the four most important books in the history of the Church and mankind!

Pope Francis says “Christ does not tire of forgiving us; we tire of asking for his mercy!

Please this Lenten season go to confession and let God forgive you of your sins. You can do nothing that God is not ready and willing to forgive!

–Mark Joseph is a 6th year Catholic Missionary with FOCUS,  the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. He is in his second year at the campus of the University of Kentucky and will be getting married on July 26th so please keep him in your prayers!