Scripture readings for today

What are we putting first in our lives? Is it God? Is it an addiction? Is it food? Is it our partner?

The list goes on and on.

If the first thing that popped into your head wasn’t God, it’s time to sit down and reassess priorities. I literally just sat down to reassess as I’m writing this.

In many instances, He may not be what popped up first. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the world around us – our friends, family, extracurricular activities, work, etc.; but is it dangerous to do so?

100% yes. It is dangerous. It is dangerous for mind, body and spirit. We are not going to live a fulfilled life if Jesus isn’t the center of every single thing we do.

That paper you’re writing — ask for inspiration from above. That presentation at work for a huge account — ask for an obstacle to be placed in your path if landing the deal isn’t right for you. That dog you’re considering adopting (like me) — ask God if it is the right time for you and if it’s not, pray that God will show you when. 3-8

But, no matter what, keep God in the middle of every decision in life.

We so often tend to forget that we are here for a purpose that is greater than we, as humans, can comprehend. We idolize things and people rather than the one who placed us here in the first place.

We make rash decisions because we are human. And that is okay. But what’s not okay is choosing to ignore what you know inside you to be true. I am all too guilty of this.

I have been wrapped up in the wrongs things with the wrong people at the wrong time. I have made choices that I otherwise wouldn’t have if I had included God in on MY planning. I have ignored His calling when I didn’t want to answer. I have ignored crystal clear sigsn from him (even though I saw them) and chose a different route because it’s what I wanted to do.

However, we love and serve an almighty God. A God whose love is without condition. A God who is quick to forgive and embrace. A God who was selfless enough to decide that he would let us choose Him freely, or not choose Him at all. A God who is sitting with you as you read this and hoping that you will give yourself to Him in the most beautiful way. And what does He ask in return? Love. Simply love.

Will you turn your eyes to His love this Lenten season? Or will you determine what’s best for you and leave Him out of it? Because surely we know what is best for ourselves, right? You decide.

My friends, I challenge you to open your hearts to Jesus like you have never opened up to Him before. Accept His Lenten blessings. Listen to his Word. Accept His unwavering love.

You will not be disappointed.

Sarah Dixon is the Assistant Editor for the Diocese of Savannah’s Southern Cross newspaper in Savannah, GA. She enjoys laying in the park doing absolutely nothing and smiling at those passing by. She can be reached at