Scripture readings for March 25

“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord.
May it be done to me according to your word.”

Today’s Gospel is one of the dearest to me, because it reminds me of the importance of opening the door to God unconditionally, as the Virgin Mary did, to accomplish His will.

God has a plan for Mary, as He has for you and for me, but he relies on our free assistance to accomplish it.

The little Virgin is our example: humble, simple, generous and open to God’s will.

What does God wants from me now, today, in my life, with that person at work, with my husband, with that friend, with my neighbor, with my children, with my job? It is hard to believe… but everything depends on our response to all these little or big things of each day!

maria march 25 picHe wants our collaboration, our prompt response even when it seems difficult, costly or impossible.

But when He asks…He also gives. He gives the strength and the necessary means to respond.

God’s visits to our doors are very frequent indeed. He knocks patiently at the door to visit us, but sometimes we put on a label to say ‘closed for Holidays’.

For our fortune He is able to wait and gives us time to clear our ideas, to remove our fears, our skepticism and all doubts. Time to remember that we are living temples and, we only need to offer our availability to God….. the rest is on Him, through the Holy Spirit.

Mary, after her human fears does nothing but utter a simple but powerful “yes, here I am” and becomes the temple of God, thus fulfilling the plan of the incarnation.

How can we carry out God’s plans in our lives?

We need to make repeated acts of the will, listening to His voice and welcoming His will with joy in our soul.

Yes, joy…and what a joy! Because the Joy He brings is not an instant joy, but a persistent joy that wins over any laziness, poverty or inconstancy. I would say: the joy to be loved unconditionally!

Each noon,  here in St. Peter’ Basilica, the bells – called  ‘Angelus’ – ring to remind us that how God acted through Mary, He acts through us each day, because He is not a far away God. He is a living God, the Word who became flash and dwells among us in all our daily trials.

This is the time of Lent. In this period we are requested to switch from OUR human concept of time to GOD’s concept of time, a time done of prayer and of acts of faith made of repeated “yes” to the divine message.

So let’s repeat the responsorial psalm at a loud voice today: Here I am, Lord; I come to do your will.