Scripture readings for today

‘’This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad.‘’

There is so much excitement in the air today and rightly so. Our Savior has paid the price for our sins and He has conquered death. Today we celebrate the foundation of our faith.

The readings for today are full of beauty, excitement and pageantry, but I am drawn to a small detail. When Jesus rose from the dead and left the tomb, he left behind the burial cloths in which he was bound. I imagine He could have taken them with Him if He liked, but He chose to leave them behind. He left behind what He no longer needed. It was evidence of his death for all to see but it was no longer necessary.

When forgiven, sin and its negative effects no longer bind us. Yet, sometimes, cloths
we move forward with a clean soul and choose to carry that which once bound us. Maybe it is a grudge, an inability to forgive ourselves, shame, or insecurity. Why continue to carry this unnecessary, undesirable and limiting “cloth” when we have been fully forgiven and we are no longer bound?

I challenge you this awesome Easter Sunday to leave behind what once bound you and live fully renewed in Him.

Kate Casey, her husband, Jim, and their three daughters live in Keller, Texas.